These Hands of God

You wonder when you see
So many Children in need.
What Hopes are gone?
What Hopes are yet to be?

I see so many Hands
Within my world
Broken and worn
Within a Nightingale’s poise

A token to life
Their touch of Light
These Hands of God
Implacable Souls so bright
You remember the shroud
in which they lay,
you remember our cries
in which we bathe.

You wonder when you see
their pale blue eyes?
Lost smiles; as we cry
in hopes to understand why.

Each hand I see
A sepulcher’s song
A flavor to taste
To death’s distaste
Is it death we fear?
A life we hold to dear?
A mage could never tell
A life standing still.
I watch her in repose
eyes forever closed
This child of light; Liberty
so still, this cold dark night.

I watch him now
his eyes grow dim
A baby so small; Max
so still; this night so cold

Is it age? I question
Which makes me see
So many eyes grow dim
So many hands displayed.

I see a light
Within God’s Embrace
Her touch of grace
my soul to keep.

I see a hand
My own extends
As I rise
toward heavens gate

Each child of mine
These hands of God
Forever lasting
In Heaven’s wake.