Industry Science
Occupation Scientist/Engineer
Location Fort Wayne, in, United States
Introduction I tend to be an adrenalin junkie, experience junkie, explorer of the inane, the weird or just different. I’m an enigma wrapped in a puzzle still trying to see the image of myself within in the Escher like chaos (unseen order) I have created for myself.
Interests All things math, physics, chemistry, poetry, art, literature, writing
Favorite Movies To kill a mocking bird, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Twelve angry men (the original), grapes of wrath, cannery row, contact, it’s a mad mad mad mad world, the great race, Jesus Christ superstar, south pacific, Oklahoma, From here to eternity, anything with hanks, freeman, ford, tracy, grant, brooks, bullock, deniro, pacino, paltrow, bael, newman, taylor, selleck, stewart, r. many great ones….
Favorite Music anything celtic – enya especially, 60’s rock, reggae, classical – vivaldi and most others, anything with a harpsichord – violin – pan flute, some jazz, most country especially williams, cline, 50’s assortment.
Favorite Books moby dick, great expectations, godel-eascher-bach, anything by carroll, lewis, steinbeck, gentry lee, patterson, clancy, knootz, king….

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