You wonder at times;
what things in life,
seem to come alive?

Wooden steps!
Wooden hearts!

Inclined Planes!
Tortures align!

Men! Women!
Children and Babies!

Memories awash;
Guilt or Penance,
Who knows?
Who comes to care?

Marching feet!
Stumbling legs!
Crying eyes!
Broken Will’s?

Day and Night;
the trains rolled in.

Sepulcher’s on wheels!
The Ramp; sitting beside rails,
a dark ribbon come alive.

Five a day!
Ten a day!

We bled; fingers cold with dread.
Purging hearts; throbbing souls!
Racing fears; fading minds!

Pandora’s Box; hope now gone,
once upon a time, as The Ramp
now comes alongside.

We watched them come for us;
The Ramp; hard against our feet.

The gas hissed; like something alive.
The furnaces roared; within its lion’s den.

Biting! Eating! Swallowing whole at times;
what once we were, within our mother’s eyes.

We looked up above the wire?
Dark smoke bellowing across the sky;
those before us, now only in our mind’s eyes.

Trains always rolling; always running,
Day and Night; then Night and Day.

A savage knife that bleeds; as wheels align.
Sinuous vapor trails; that rise,
as our shrouds move across the sky.

The trains are coming; The Ramp alive,
as dark souls again arise.

Will we wait; that breath of fear,
to see our own march across the sky.

Will we be what is left;
as vapor trails move across the sky,
remembered only in our mind’s eye.