I look to Love
A poets search
A lovers requiem
A hope for Life
This Breath of mine.

Howling with passion!
Screaming at the Moon!
Red and Bright
Blue and White
Giving Birth a Purple Haze.

We talk of love
our souls quenched;
Desires found.
Growling! Pawing!
Watching a Pale Moon Rise.

As Bleeding Souls Intwine
Bathed within the Haze
Quaking with inner light,
A Hearts desire
Fans our Flame.

I watch my Love
Her smile so wide
Her eyes so bright
Her Soul so alive
Screaming Joy to the sky.

We shudder and shake
With voices intwined
Waiting on baited breath
As passions release
This breath of mind.

We seek the heart
That glow of life
The one we Love
As Time flows by,
Watching a Pale Moon Rise

I know your fears
I know your hopes
I know our hearts
I know our souls
I know the Pale Moon Rise.

For as we love
So too; do we live
Shining, hoping
Running to the Sky
On the Pale Moon Rise.