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You wonder with today’s political atmosphere, the rage of one side or the other, the media hype that confuses more than enlightens; what it is that we all believe.

We wonder; what is the common nature of those First Principles; a social catalyst, to which the House of our Republic was created, by which we came to be born, lived and died within.

I can’t know what things make you angry about what we see happening to our country, I can’t know what drives you to vote one way or the other; nor do I care, for each person makes the choice to which there lone perspective creates the collective patterns that keep us all alive.

The question arises though: Is your vote yours alone, or are you inundated with parasitic voices with agenda’s: Who to trust? Who to listen to? Who to bring into your lives by proxy, with the tenor of your vote?

For the vote you own; for which so many died for, requires that you make a choice, a choice to create a note in the score of a constitutional concert, by which balance and strength become innate in the group mind which comes to exist within this; our Republic of the United States.

I’ve thought long and hard about choices lately. Whether to live or die? Whether to quit life in the weak efforts of my minds eye? Yet something always brings me around, always touches my soul with the nature of how beautiful life can be.

I see my grandsons bright blue eyes, my son’s near death as a soldier and policeman. I see the nature of souls lost in fear as they shout out that lives matter; but yet only there own.

Is it goodness that drives the nature of one’s own fear, or fear that drives the nature of what choices we make. Or is it a choice at all, as rage comes to us all, the fear of loss, the fear of death, the fear of not becoming more than we are?

Whatever the weaknesses of our fore fathers and mothers, the nature of there humanity imperfect like our own, I attempt to remember that First Principles have always been the anchor by which all good things come to pass.

For like the Bible, the Constitution is not just a list negative rights, not just a list of corollaries by which we see life through the lens of some legal manifestation of our group knowledge.

It is a wisdom, a social fulcrum, a formula by which all things, all our social processes come to be changed, guided and strengthened by the nature of its existence.

Yet it takes a hero to make such choices; choices guided by principles rather than fear, choices guided by hope rather than greed, choices guided by the humble understanding that they serve us, we do not serve them.

I wonder the nature of those people we call heroes, sports figures, media personalities and the limited nature of what being a hero has come to mean.

Once; a hero, was the individual who stood for right against abuse, torture, even death. A hero was the one that saved your child, gave there life in defense of our common ideals, or lived a life of dedication, holding true to this; our concept of First Principles.

Supreme court Judge Scalia was one of those unsung heroes that lived that life. A hero like many, heroes once renowned and applauded for the blood they gave to our way of life.

Once, a hero, was our father, our mother, our brother or sister to which loves first thought was the protection of those who are a part of all that we know, all that we care for, all that we will die for.

When we look at those in the public eye, is it not expected; yes, dare I say it, is it not a moral duty within our brothers and sisters collective eyes to lift up those true heroes of our time. To show our love of life, the love of our families, and see the nature of what there life will be, what it will become from those choices we make today, those responsibilities we choose to express in those we lift up to those collective horizons of our common beliefs, those common ideals, those First Principles that guide our given fate.

Preacher, lawyer, CEO, ditch-digger, nurse, doctor, soldier, pacifist, they all come to be as one in the common understanding that whatever our differences, whatever our choices, we are making them together in the support we give each other within the walls of our Republic.

For the U.S. Constitution; those First principles that were rendered from the halls of our celestial birth, guide our behavior, keep us balanced within the stream of both good and bad that comes to exist in all generations. Our Constitution; our First Principles, combined the tenets of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” with the common needs of being free, choosing to grow and live by our own wits end, driving the economic trails to which power those boundaries of life, both physical, metaphorical and abstract.

It is said often, that “Perception becomes my Reality.” for perception drives the choice, the pattern that comes to exist within the collective of whatever social delusion comes to exist. Collective perceptions created slavery, perceptions created the holocaust; but perceptions also came to create a Marine Luther King, A Billy Graham or any of the many figures, known and unknown throughout history by which life comes to be wiser in the choices we make, within the First Principles of our guiding light.

When we look to those who will lead, who say they are the one to be that guiding light, I only ask one thing, in the common brother and sisterhood of those things we all come to need, that you do not look at those heroes we choose to display; but look to those hero’s born in the same altruistic fires of sacrifice the good heart always seems to make.

Always you will see; in the darkness, a light, a soul whose First Principle is to lead others to the lighted path, the one they walk, the one that comes to exist with the first thought, the First Principle of an altruistic life.

When you make a choice, a life to be lifted up, or a life to be turned away: Which one is the hero? Which one lights the way to those ideals that drive our fate. Which one burns with self-hate? Burns with a natures disgrace? Those hyenas that bark and laugh at Nuremberg’s fate.

When you are confused, and cannot see the light, the hopeless agendas of a hate filled life, a feral fate, striking out, choosing a common fear, a common anger; take a breath, remove the hate, remove the anger that clouds your eyes; as we make a choice, a choice of a different kind, a choice of blessings as we remember those who came before, those who chose right over might, right over ego, and yes at times, death over the perceptual chains within the dogma of our strife.

I can’t know your vote, nor do I care, I can’t know your heart; yet I know I hold it dear. I can’t say to whom the bells must toll, as we listen to voices not our own. Yet I can say; if you take a step back, look to First Principles. You will see a host of lights marking the path to choices we all must make, if we come to understand the nature of our goals seen within the lens of our minds eye; watching the shadows of those we love within the heroes glance we lift to the sky.

Can there be anything more important than choosing a path that brightens the life in my child’s eye, carries the burden of my father’s life as we watch them pass, or look in the mirror to those dark lonely places when we first took the darkened path, the easy path, the path of not knowing or caring as the fear around us drove the nature of our thoughts away from the First Principles that always, and forever brings those guiding lights; Our First Principles.