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I watch my grandsons
Through the hope of my years
Bradley so alive, so dear
Owen cuddly and cute
Collen so small
Smiling from ear to ear

I listen to them often
My memories so clear

As I watch my grandsons
All my hopes come alive

Brayden so wise
Calin so alive

They remind me often
Those years so lost
My grief so alive
Like a wild animal caged
it raged in need
In search of hope
A hope to die

they remind me often
Those years so lost
Those years gone by
My own children;
Memories so few
Lost within my rage of hope

Joshua so wise
Brad so alive

My little girl Heather
So hurt; so lost to my mind’s eye

For always I see them within god’s Grace
Seen always within my mind

Is it hope I seek now in my time
So alive now as I watch myself die
a creature lost and searching
No longer knowing where I walk
Wondering; hoping, as I watch
The grace of my four year old
So innocent and alive.