I watched my grandson the other day
A child of two, sleeping in the hay
Blue eyes, blond hair
A peaceful smile below his nose
With cheeks of red all aglow

I looked into the sky with tears in my eyes
A man near fifty, with a heart gone cold
Brown hair, hazel eyes
A limping walk with age as my guide
Moving slowly to my waiting demise

I heard a noise like fireworks in July
Twenty-six lights now new in the sky
Moving swift, running low
One fearful cry of rage on this silent night
For a boy now lost in fright

I felt their joy within heavens golden glow
Looking upon their shadows now lost to sight
As their families weep under Christmas lights
A fire engine red, a new pony to ride
The cries of children lost on this cold dark night

I heard a giggle a laugh a playful sigh
The flutter of angel wings
Swept back, waiting to fly
So many voices, so much pain
So many children now saying goodbye

I watched my grandson the other day
A child of four, playing in the snow
Brown hair, hazel eyes
A gliding run and fire in his eyes
With a scream of joy just to be alive