I was saddened when hearing of Neil Armstrong’s death. Not that we don’t expect it, we all walk that same road eventually. But the question along the way is what we make of ourselves, what we bring to the world around us through the efforts of our individual dreams.

I remember the words from John Kennedy that drove the world to look beyond the selfish individual needs that we all at times find ourselves drowning within. I remember watching his funeral and remembered it again in 1969, when his drive, and the drive of all that he inspired reached a height no man had ever gone before.

I thought of Armstrong’s passing and realized that this day was the end of an era with all of the hopes and dreams that we had learned to believe in through the actions of his life.

It was a sad moment, but one fleeting as I watch my daughter giggle and laugh walking by. An eternal and happy four year old, alive for the technology NASA brought into the world, that saved her in her youth.

Sad, yes to see the man go, sad to see so many great minds and hearts leave this earth, but happy for what they left behind, happy for the remembrance they give to us of what selfless service is all about and the aspirational needs that will drive us into the dreams of our children as well.