Oh Gods and Demons!
Here my Cry!
A ceaseless Stone
A thing Alive!

It burns Thee
At every Touch
It sucks thy Life
At every Step

My feet of clay
A thing Unsaid
My eyes Aglow
With driven Hate!

My hands move
As if Possessed
My back Arches!
To life’s Unrest

The mountain Waits
An angry Pose
A silent Sepulcher
Fills thy Sight

An underworld God
Shakes with Spite!
A quivering Mass
Nature’s Delight

Chaos Reigns
Freedom Soars
The dark Mountain
Awaits the Storm

The stars in Heaven
A heart’s Desire
With agonizing Steps
The god’s Conspire

To feel their rage
They punish Hope
For man Alone
Has stolen their Fire

With jealous Rage!
They seek Revenge!
A sudden Slip!
The shifting Earth!

A mighty Groan
With each Escape
Sisyphus Falls!
At heaven’s gate

With smiles of Joy
A celestial Dance
A prison Awaits
Outside these Gates

For man Alone
Takes each Chance
For who has Freedom
Who’s in Hell!

The gods Await
The spirit of Man
We rest in Peace
Or suffer in Hell

True freedom only
Is ours to Make
The dance of Life
The art of Death

So suffer Not
In heaven’s Wake
A lively Death!
Or deathly Life!

Each to His
A choice to Choose
For freedom Alone
Is ours to Make!