A “system” is by definition a set of elements or components whose relational qualities and quantities create an organism, by which it attains a steady-state n-dimensional structure greater in its whole then the some of its parts.

An “organism” is defined as a natural or un-natural grouping of inter-relational components that do work on its environment.

An ”organism” is defined as a biological or non-biological sub-structure that attains synergistic homeostasis within its environment.

A “sub-structure” is a group of interacting dynamic processes that by definition is a Set of the Universal Whole or Universal Set.

The “Universal Set” consists of two distinct but parallel domains whose synergistic actions define the known Universe:

1.  Spacetime – is defined as the fabric or n-dimensional structure by which the physical nature of our Universe comes to exist.

2.  Free Space – is the domain where all matter is observed to exist within n-dimensions and within localized boundaries.

An “n-dimensional structure” is a set of components whose existence moves through one or more dimensions as a function of the hierarchical connections embedded within the “inter” and “intra” aspects of each component that we perceive in the n-dimensional world as matter.

Matter” is the observed substance that all physical objects consist of and whose components are elemental structures with definable and observable physical traits.

Elemental Structures” are interactive waves of n-dimensions with a specific frequency and wavelength and n-dimensional Resonance.

n-dimensional Resonance” is the process of an Elemental structure able to move through n-dimensions with a specific pattern or dynamic symmetry that defines its homeostasis within the localized boundaries of its existence.

A “localized boundary” is the domain limits specifically specified by its relative connections to other domains, whose intrinsic symmetry can be observed by the researcher and defined mathematically.

Systems Thinking” is the process of thought by a researcher, whereby a defined set of components within a system are shown to have an infinite cloud of non-linear  connections throughout the Resonance aspects of its nature, but whose “Limits of Calculation” are defined by specific boundaries  and the specific goals of the researcher, using both non-linear and linear methods to study a system.