Words have an amazing power to bring together our thoughts, those innate feelings we have to love, to help us to find the higher spiritual road we all seek, or to turn our lives to hate, the discontent of our biology crying in the shadows, quivering in wait for the dark night to end.

We honor those of our past with the words of their pain, hoping to find in ourselves the strength to see what they died for, to see the nature of change that we bring to ourselves when we learn to forgive, learn to see the light again through the love forgiveness brings to our heart.

I cannot see the color of one’s skin, when I look for the beauty of their soul.  I am blind to the hatred of another when I can see the nature of their pain, the agony of their life for all to see, if only they could look inside and see the same.

We hate only when we cannot love, we love only when we find the strength to pull away from the cry of shadows that permeate our lives.  It is the nature of man to horde, to covet, to seek that which is not theirs, but always it is a choice to turn away, to see the lighted path waiting, calling to each of us, in the nature of our ability to forgive.