I’m a person that believes that life starts at conception, but I also believe that a women should have a  choice, so long as that choice starts before the fact of conception.  I believe in God, but many on both sides do and do not.

For me, it is not God that defines my argument, it is the practical understanding of being human and the limits our perception brings to us in choosing right from wrong.  There is no magical eye in the sky to tell us that abortion is wrong by which we can prove to the faithless that death of another is what they bring to the world.

There is no science, no logic, no technology that our world can bring to this question of abortion, which can ever prove to the faithful that the seeds of two people are inconsequential to the nature of what brings life into our biology, that spiritual essence that bespeaks to the mind of our God.

For most of us outside the infinite knowledge of absolute right and wrong that those on all sides of the abortion question bring to the world within their agenda’s, we are left with picking and choosing our moral path by the nature of the daily walks we take in the adversarial role of being human.  We are left with; as I said, the practical aspects of life in having to make choices between less about right and wrong and more about choosing the lesser of two evils.

Most of us look both ways crossing a street, just in case, most of us will not shoot a gun in the air, just in case, almost all of us (I like to think), would do just about anything they could to avoid hurting a newborn baby.  So what is it in the mind of a person, that can split the moral hair between a new born baby and one days away from birth, weeks away or nine months away.  The potential of being human at 30 weeks is the same as at 30 days, that potential of thought and greatness at five years of age, is the same as five days conceived or five days born.

For me, choosing to ignore the possibility of a conceptual life is morally impossible.  We are all the potential of our parent’s dreams, their life force creating something new, even if their thoughts and deeds are less than the Godly ethics we would hope they were at times.  For new life is not given ownership to men and women to control, destroy or abuse.  We are their protectors, their mentors, and their guide in a world filled with the hazards of both creative destruction and destructive creation alike.

When I see in my mind’s eye that sacred duty of a life meant to be protected, it is not as a believer in God to which my task is performed; although my belief in God may drive me to seek his or her guidance at one time or another, it is as a human being filled with all the faults and foibles that define the nature of my actions and that drives into my mind the question, “what if.”