I Looked Out Over The Mountain Sky

An ocean on one side

A Desert on the other


The Chaos Of My Life Lain Bare

In the Beauty I See

And The Life I Feel


Where Once I Saw The Reflection

Of My Ignorance

  For All To See


I Now See The Beauty Of A Love

Her Hour Of Need

Now Lost To Me


Like The Fierce Desert Winds

Filling My Lungs

 With the Essence Of it’s Life


Marilyn’s Soul Fills My World

With The Beauty

Of It’s Light


Her friendship still present

 Her Love Omnescent


Her rendered spirit

A rose

For God’s renewing light!


Her gift of life she gave

Each one a love

For all to see


Her gleaming eyes

Her quirky wit


That special Love

We know so well


Our children each

A spiritual gift

The very essence of her soul


No mourning of her death

To give


But a recognition

A celebration

Of her continued life


We each will make the Journey

In our own time

And in our own way


The Journey will be the easier

The more joyful

For the Love she left behind